Luminous Unraveling

Finding Personal Power Within

An Introduction

Welcome to Luminous Unraveling, a space inspired by a lifelong journey of exploring the inner depths of the human psyche. It is a passion project helping others find the power they hold within themselves through the use of astrology and human design, as well as a handful of other modalities I work with often.

I was gifted the name ‘Anastasia,’ a name that means ‘resurrection’ in Greek. Quite the name, the fate, to offer a child. Though I grew up incredibly introverted, 'painfully shy' was often spoken over me, now, in my 30s, through massive and ever present transformation and constant shifts in direction, I consider myself to have lived up to that name. Dying time and time again, always finding myself reborn, becoming greater, closer to remembrance of my highest, most authentic self.

Through all of this break down and rebuilding, through my many, varied experiences, I’ve learned so much about myself, and also about others. I’ve become familiar with the early experiences and internal workings that have colored our experiences in this world. I’ve discovered my passions, what drives me- in particular, my connection to service and to others.

With the many paths I’ve taken in my work, and this desire to be of service to others, I’ve cultivated many routes to serve those around me. Among these, my work with astrology and design have been the most energizing and enlightening. Recently, I’m finding opportunity to merge another world I’ve been deep in since 2018- that of house management and nannying. It is my hope that, through this service led work, I can help you connect to your most authentic and empowered self.

If you feel so called, book a consultation with me, or feel welcomed to contact me at Luminous Unraveling to garner more information on any of the services I offer.

Astrological Nativity

125 USD

In this hour long consultation, we cover some basic information about your sun, moon, and rising. We also look at the patterns that stand out about your individual chart. I will additionally take into consideration what transits and planets are being highlighted for you at this particular moment in your life.

Astrological Timing

150 USD

In this consultation I will look at various timing techniques in order to offer some insight into the coming chapter of the native's life. It is intended for someone who already has a base understanding of their natal chart. I deliniate based on the chart of the moment, but also in consideration of the natal chart to ensure it is brought back home to the native. This reading will reflect themes that may show up for you over the course of the coming period, and what you can do to best work with it's energy.

Human Design Intro

125 USD

In this hour long conversational consultation, we will look at the basic structure of your unique design. We will go over type, authority, profile, and the general vibe of your body graph. We may touch on where you may get stuck, where you already embody your design, and how you can practice small changes to connect further to your authentic self.


Mini Inquiry

75 USD

In this 30-45 minute session, I welcome you to pull some answers from me. What this session looks like is dependent on what inquiries you bring me. Can be Human Design or astrology related.

House Management | Meal Planning and Prepping

Cost Dependent on Plan, starting at 125 USD

I offer personalized meal planning and prepping, taking into consideration you and your family’s personal needs and desires. A consultation will be required to get to the foundation of what this looks like and how often you’d like to have meals prepared, and if you would like any additional services such as grocery shopping and fridge organization. In the case that you are not local, or if you just want some inspiration on your food journey, I also offer this service with a personalized recipe book that will be sent to you after putting together the information we cover in your consultation. Total pricing will vary as this service is a la carte.

In this consultation we will go over your likes and dislikes, any allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities, health goals and concerns, we can discuss medications and protocols you may be working with already so as to avoid any contraindications and support where the medications may be leeching key nutrients. I also take note of some key information based on your Human Design and astrology charts, and will share what key foods and any additional suggestions I see come forward within those charts.

First Impression Recording

45 USD

In this 15-20 minute recording, I offer a stream of conciousness style recording of my first impressions when looking at either your Astrology or Human Design chart. This recording is specific to the birth chart and special requests, such as timing, cannot be honored. The recording will be sent to email via a Google Drive link. Please allow up to four days for turn around.

Background & Approach

I have been a self studying student of astrology for over a decade. During this time, I have spent, maybe, thousands of hours pouring over the work of many influential astrologers in the form of books, podcasts, and lectures. In early 2021 I made the decision to take a leap and study more formally under astrologer Heather Eland through her year long course. In 2022, I took the initiative to further my understanding of this incredible practice through mentorship with astrologer Cameron Allen. With Cameron's guidance, I have begun to take the traditional techniques I had already been utilizing and blending them with Evolutionary Astrology, a branch that has very much captured my attention. It is my hope to continue to pursue this path of the student, and in turn help others through collaborative exploration from a trauma informed space.

Some additional astrologers I am continually learning from include Chris Brennan, Mychal A Bryan, Judith Hill, Demetra George, and Suzy Olsen, amongst many others.

I primarily utilize the Whole Sign house system, I additionally incorporate the Porphyry quadrant house system into my work as I continue to blend the traditional and modern. I often use several techniques within a single session, including profections, transits, and solar return charts. If you have further questions, please feel welcomed to reach out through email.

In addition to astrology and Human Design, a favorite aspect of the work that I do revolves around food and nutrition, a topic I've been studying independently for over a decade and have applied professionally in practice for the last four years. My ideologies around food have changed so much over the years, and as I've integrated my understanding of Design, I've really developed an awareness that every individual has unique needs. It is my hope to bring insight and ease to others through developing a meal plan or helping through physical preparation of food, something I always do with great care and consideration.

If this is of interest to you or your family, feel welcomed to book a consultation.

Find more on me and my approach HERE

Building Concious Connection

Monthly Local Meetup

If in the Tampa Bay, or sourrounding areas, feel welcome to join a Human Design Meetup group hosted currently by myself and Shay Labbe.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to recieve updates on our upcoming events. You can do so by sending an email indicating youd like to be added to my mailing list HERE.

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Modern Art Design Frame
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The Projector’s Prayer

5 USD per month / 50 USD per year

The Projector's Prayer is a Discord server I created in summer of 2021 to support my own needs while I was moving through grief that had continuously surfaced through my process of deconditioning. Since it's inception, it has been a safe space for expression and sharing, creativity, dreams, endeavors. It has been a space of connecting and supporting others who understand the pain of living in a world not suited for us, as projectors.

Early on, it was free to join, however, over time, I have seen the imense impact it has for individuals to have the safe space to express themselves, however that looks. I feel incredibly protective over it, and desire to safeguard it so that those within can continue to feel safe to express themselves freely, and in order to add that extra layer of security, I have decided to offer it for a small monthly fee. I desire to keep costs low as I, a fellow projector, understand the burn out and chronic illness that can flare up while we attempt to live our lives like a saral being.

In order to join, please follow this LINK.